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Wartrace celebrates Pi Day

If you like pie, the Town of Wartrace will have something in the oven you might delight in as we celebrate Pi Day. The Parks & Recreation Committee is now accepting orders for pies, to be available on Friday, March 12 – just in time for Pi Day on 3.14 (also known as March 14). Money raised will be used for activities and events in the community.

Committee Chairman Tammy Leverette has asked for all orders to be placed no later than close of business on Wednesday, March 10, “We need time to make these delicious desserts so they’ll be fresh and tasty! Our Parks and Rec volunteers graciously agreed to bake these pies to help support some of our great programs like the Fourth of July celebration, Trunk or Treat, and the Hearts on Fire Valentine’s dance. We are very hopeful that life will return to normal in the next few months and we want to be ready to celebrate our community again!”

Pies may be ordered by commenting on the event shared on the town’s facebook page at, by calling Town Hall at 931-389-6144, or by emailing

The pies that are available for Pi Day are: Chess Pie - $10 Coconut Pie - $10 Chocolate Pie - $10 Sweet Potato Pie - $10 Pecan Pie - $15

When you pick up your pie on March 12, you will need to wear a mask inside Town Hall or we can provide curbside delivery. But don’t try to start a conversation that day because when it comes to pi, we could go on forever.


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