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Zoning and Appeals

Civil Servants

Board of Zoning and Appeals

Protecting Rights

Mayor and Alderman


This Board meets as needed.

Please check our calendar for dates.

The Board of Zoning and Appeals plays a critical role in shaping the character of our community, ensuring that development is consistent with zoning regulations, and protecting the rights of property owners and neighbors. Our goal is to provide a fair and inclusive process that respects the interests of all stakeholders and promotes responsible growth and development. 


  • Hear and decide appeals of zoning decisions and  interpretations

  • Grant variances and special exceptions to zoning regulations

  • Ensure that zoning decisions align with community goals and values

  • Balance individual property rights with community interest 

  • Provide a forum for public input and debate 

  • Render decisions that are reasonable, equitable, and in the best interest of the community

Cindy Drake Chairman
Barnette Panye Member
Brian Ross Member

Beer Board


This Board meets as needed.

Please check our calendar for dates.

The Beer Board works to maintain a safe, respectful, and responsible environment for alcohol sales and consumption, while also supporting the growth and development of our community's hospitality industry. Our goal is to strike a balance between regulation and commerce, ensuring that alcohol is sold and consumed in a manner that benefits all.


  • Ensure compliance with state and local laws governing alcohol sales and consumption

  • Review and approve applications for beer permits and licenses

  • Conduct hearings and investigations related to alcohol-related violations

  • Develop and enforce regulations to promote responsible alcohol service and consumption 

  • Educate and engage with the community on alcohol-related issues

  • Balance the needs of businesses, residents, and stakeholders

Brian Ross Chairman
Barnette Panye Member

Loan Screening Committee


This Board meets as needed.

Please check our calendar for dates.

The Loan Screening Committee works to ensure that loans are made in a responsible and sustainable manner, balancing risk and reward, and supporting the financial well-being of our community. Our goal is to facilitate access to capital for deserving borrowers, while also protecting the integrity of the loan program.


  • Conduct thorough and fair assessments of loan applications

  • Evaluate creditworthiness, financial viability, and project feasibility

  • Ensure compliance with program guidelines and regulations

  • Identify and mitigate risk

  • Provide recommendations for loan approval or denial

  • Support borrowers in achieving their financial goals

Barnette Payne Member
Scott Cocanougher Member
Mike Rittenberry Member

Gym Committee


This Board meets as needed.

Please check our calendar for dates.

The Government Gym Committee works to create a supportive and accessible environment for individuals to achieve their fitness goals, while also ensuring the efficient and effective use of public resources. Our goal is to provide a valuable community asset that enhances the overall health and well-being of our citizens.


  • Provide safe, clean, and well-maintained fitness facilities for public use

  • Develop and implement programs to promote physical activity and wellness

  • Manage gym memberships, rentals, and services

  • Ensure compliance with safety regulations and standards

  • Foster a welcoming and inclusive environment for all users

  • Promote health and wellness initiatives in our community

Stacy Roach Chairman
Claudia Curl Member
Beverly Saylor Member
Barbie Thomas Member
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