• I24 East towards Chattanooga

  • Take Exit 97 to Bell Buckle, Beech Grove, Wartrace & Shelbyville

  • Go right on Highway 64E

  • After approximately 10 miles you will come to Downtown Wartrace

  • After crossing the railroad track take an immediate right in front of the Hotel

  • You will be on Highway 269. Highway 269 curves to the left. You go straight on Spring Street

  • Spring Street runs right into the gates of the cemetery


Hollywood Cemetery was named after the wood of a Holly tree at the cemetery entrance.  The nine-acre cemetery opened in 1885.  It is managed by the Town of Wartrace.


Hours: 7AM till sundown


  • Absolutely no excavating before contacting the Wartrace Town Hall at (931) 389-6144

  • A grave liner is required for all burials

  • Only one grave per plot allowed

  • No mausoleums or other above ground burial containers are allowed

  • No walls or fences may be constructed or installed without specific permission

  • No corner stones or monuments are to be installed before coordinating with the Wartrace Town Hall

  • Dirt from excavation is to be distributed to the specific areas indicated

  • No one allowed in the cemetery after dark

  • No overnight parking (violators will be prosecuted)

  • No children allowed in cemetery unless accompanied by an adult

  • Artificial flowers must be next to the monument during mowing season

  • Discard old flowers and wreaths in cans

  • Not responsible for flowers or wreaths

  • No one allowed to plant flowers, shrubs or trees without permission


  • Urns must be buried two feet deep. The Town can provide names of grave services to dig the grave.

  • A vault for the urn is not required but if desired, it can be obtained through your funeral home.

  • An urn can be placed at the foot of a relative (mother, father, sister, brother, husband, wife or child) already buried. A monument is required for every plot/grave. The name, birth date and date of death for all parties buried must be reflected on a monument.

  • Only four urns/ashes may be placed in a plot. The name, birth date and date of death for all parties buried must be reflected on a monument.

  • A head stone reflecting the name, birth date and date of death for all parties buried must be placed on the grave.  The Town can provide names of monument companies for your reference.

  • Proof of purchase of a headstone and/or lettering must be confirmed before burial.

  • There is a fee for the burial of each urn in addition to the purchase price of the plot.



Plot Form