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Wartrace adds "Meet-Up" spot

Wartrace MeetUp Spot

The Town of Wartrace has designated a "meet-up" spot for residents who make purchases or sell items online. The Meet-Up spot is a designated area for buyers and sellers from online and mobile marketplaces to meet in-person to complete a transaction. The program can help eliminate the need for two strangers to exchange items at a home or residence.

The Wartrace Meet-Up spot is on the town square between Town Hall and the railroad tracks. The area is under 24-hour video surveillance. "This spot can help ensure the safety of both parties in a purchase or donation exchange," said Police Chief Daniel Odeneal. "It's important to be cautious any time you meet someone you don't know, even in a small town like Wartrace."

The Meet-Up sign was provided by OfferUp, dedicated to building the simplest and most trustworthy local buying and selling experience. More than 700 law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S. participate so that crime may be minimized and to promote safer practices for transactions.

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