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New Officials Take Oath of Office in Wartrace

The Town of Wartrace welcomed three newly elected officials on Monday, November 28th as they were sworn in by Circuit Court Judge Wyatt Burk. Mayor-Elect Brian Ross, Alderman-Elect Shelia LeDere, and Alderman-Elect Stacy Roach will formally take office on January 1, 2023, in accordance with the Town Charter.

Pictured (l-r): Judge Wyatt Burk, Mayor-Elect Brian Ross, Alderman-Elect Stacy Roach, and Alderman-Elect Shelia LeDere.

"I am focused on the betterment of this town," said Ross. "I will be doing everything I can for residents, employees, and our local businesses. Preserving and maintaining our town is the goal. I ask for everyone's patience and support as we move forward."

Ross has served as alderman for more than two years in all, is the chairman of the Economic Growth Committee since its inception in 2020, is chairman of the Public Works Committee since 2018, and is a member of the Board of Zoning Appeals.

LeDere is the owner of the Old Petticoat Trading Company, as well as the building where Chabbi's Sweets and Antiques is located. She manages Seven on Main with other business vendors. "Truly from my heart I am looking forward to continuing the positive progress that we've seen over the last few years," she said. "The outgoing administration has done such a great job that I look forward to continuing on that path."

Roach works for Curl Construction Co. and has been active in several building projects throughout the town. Before joining the construction company, she was a call center manager at National Pen in Shelbyville. Roach's two children who attend Cascade Elementary and Middle schools keep her busy with sports and other extracurricular activities. "I'm really excited about being alderman to be able to help the town and the community," said Roach. "It's easy to look in from the outside, but I expect I will be learning a lot in the coming months about operations and management. I am very much looking forward to serving the citizens of Wartrace."

Outgoing officials are Mayor Cindy Drake and Alderman Allan Tabit. Both have served Wartrace with distinction and the Town is grateful for their ideas, support, and involvement for the last three years.


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